The Ghost in the Bathroom

Nationality: American
Primary Language: English
Other Languages: Tagalog
Age: 19
Occupation: Full-Time Student
Residence: California
Performance Date: 11/26/2023

Context: This story occurred to MG when they were about fourteen years old and taking a shower in their house in the Philippines. They were in the Philippines for vacation just visiting relatives and stayed at their residence there, which was built over a church, and knew prior to visiting that it was haunted.

Text of Piece: When traveling to their house in the Philippines, they knew it was haunted already, so they came scared for vacation, and being there for a week already had frightened them enough. She ended up taking a shower near eight o’clock at night before going with friends, and her entire family was still home.

She started up the shower and was already showering when she heard the door open, saw feet on the floor, and a silhouette glided past the shower curtain. She thought it was her mom or sister going to go use the toilet or something, so she didn’t really care, but once she opened the curtain, there was nobody there. 

MG then screamed, causing her mother to rush to the bathroom. She then told her mom what had happened, to which her mom replied that everyone was in the bedroom. The entire family ended up getting more scared, and they still had to stay two more weeks. More ghost stories ended up occurring after that, but currently, they do not own the house anymore.

I have had similar experiences in my own house, so hearing this story was very relatable and believable. I do believe that places can be haunted, but I myself have not encountered a building that was said to be haunted. Some part of me does want to try adventuring to find one for fun, so maybe in the future I will be able to explore and confirm or falsify this belief for myself.