The Ghost in the Crisper

TK: Do you have any ghost stories that happened to you or someone you know?

BQ: There’s that one time Christian who was working at The Lab with me felt a ghost grab his hand when he reached into the crisper.

TK: So what happened?

BQ: Ok so Christian was closing the restaurant and he was the only person left and when he was in the kitchen he reached into the crisper where they keep all the lettuce and stuff and he felt something grab his hand and jerk his arm forward but he opened the drawer and there was nothing there obviously.


THE INFORMANT: Brynne is a former USC student who worked at The Lab restaurant and bar just off campus on Figueroa for the years of her undergraduate education. It’s common for food service employees to develop a tight camaraderie, which is what happened when Brynne was working at The Lab. Christian was one of her fellow servers who has several stories of this nature, seemingly connected to when he was alone in the building.

ANALYSIS: Having a ghostly apparition seize your hand is not as common as feeling one seize your foot, which seems to happen (or allegedly happen) quite frequently. There are plenty of stories online (so due to be taken with a grain of salt) but most ghost stories have to rely on anecdotal experience in the absence of real proof. Another interesting thing about this type of story is that often those who experience it are prone to sleep paralysis or other types of anxiety dreams that they have mistaken in the past for supernatural occurrences, yet have learned to distinguish them; the difficult part to understand is how they so frequently insist that this type of occurrence is separate from the other types of disturbances they have encountered that have a more logical explanation.