The Ghost on the Millstone


YZ was born in the family of a high ranking military official of the Republic of China. After the Communist Party defeated the Nationalist Party, her family did not flee to Taiwan. Instead, they settled in a village in the northeastern part of China and became farmers. During the Cultural Revolution, her father was executed, and her mother married another man, also a farmer. YZ grew up and had a family in the village, and spent a large amount of time in her life as a farmer, until her grandson was born. Her son had a job and created a family in the city, and when her grandson was born, she moved into the city to help take care fo the kid.

YZ learned of this piece of folklore from the stories told by other villagers when she was growing up.

The informant shared this piece of folklore during a family dinner on Sunday when the family was chatting about ghosts.

The Main Piece:

YZ: Near “红带沟(Red Band Rift)” (the village where YZ grew up), there is a big millstone. Sometimes at night, you can see a white little creature running around the millstone, that is a small white ghost. You may not go near it, because if you get close to it, it will jump onto you body and tickles you to death.

The Grandson: Is it still there today?

YZ: No, it’s gone. I heard this story from other older villagers. They say that the small white ghost has disappeared after the war (Japanese Invasion and Chinese Civil War), probably the guns and bombs have scared it away.


This is a legend that is told among the villagers in Hongdaigou. According to YZ, this is either just a fact that happens, or just a story that is told among the people. I personally believe that, if it is a story that is made up, its purpose if to scare children so that they wouldn’t run around at they, when they’re supposed to go to bed.

This story also reveals the general belief of the villagers that destructions like wars and weapons, big noises, guns and bombs, as well as fires, may scare off ghosts.