The Grass Is Always Greener On the Other Side

My friend said this to me one day when we were discussing hair styles because she said she had always wanted naturally straight hair and I then responded by saying that I wanted my straight hair to be naturally curly. Both of us had no idea where this proverb had come from or where we first heard it, but then she remembered it being in the theme song of a song called “As Told By Ginger” that we watched when we were younger.

To my informant, this proverb means that no matter what we have we will always look onto something else and think that it is better. However, most of the time the situation you yearn for may not be better for you. I believe that this proverb signifies human being’s lust for things they cannot get. It is our natural tendency to see something and look back at our own situation and place an air of perfection around that thing we cannot have. By doing so, we ourselves forget that the other situation holds just as many consequences and troubles as our current one. Supposedly, this proverb comes the idea that someone may look into their neighbor’s yard and feel that their own garden is inferior.