The Haunted Field House

“The ‘Field House’ is a locker room at the football field of Loyola High School.  It’s haunted by the janitor who used to clean it.  People sometimes go in there and see the janitor, come out and tells someone about it, and people will tell them, “You saw the janitor.  He’s been dead for 40 years.”

This belief is a classic ghost story, though in comparison to most, the ghost that haunts the field house seems relatively benign.  The informant truly believes in the ghost, and added that many new faculty will report seeing the ghostly janitor in the Field House without having been told of the belief in the ghost, and will even correctly identify who they saw as the old, long-dead janitor.  Belief in the ghost is especially prevalent within the sports teams, of whom the informant was a member.  This could be due to the large amount of superstition in sports, though the story of the ghost in the Field House does not actually mention being linked to the sports teams.