The Hidden Floor of the Middle School

Nationality: China
Primary Language: Mandarin
Other language(s): English, French
Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Residence: Beijing
Performance Date: Nov.28, 2023

Tags: #Schoolghost #teenagers #Suicide #Legendquest

One of my friend told me about the north building of his middle school. The North Building has eight floors above ground and three below ground. However, it is said that there is a haunted B4 that is permanently closed. It is said that in the 2000s, a student fell from an upper floor, crashed through the ventilation shaft on the ground, fell to the B4 level, and died. So the school sealed B4 forever. In the stairwell leading to the basement, down to B3, there is still a staircase to go down, but it is locked by a huge iron fence. People are said to have broken in, heard cries and screams in the area, and seen bloody handprints on the walls.

Context: This is a story told by my friend. This story is usually told to freshmen by senior students when they first enter the school. These teenagers often have a curious mindset and explore in school, telling and boasting about their adventures and original supernatural stories in an exaggerated tone

Personal Thought: The tragedy of the students falling from the building should be real. I have read about it in the local newspapers and media. However B4’s ghost stories may have been concocted by students seeking excitement and boldness. I’m not sure about the existence of that floor, but if it exists, it’s probably just a regular equipment room and storage room. However, the ghost story has become a part of campus culture, inspiring generations of students to run stairwell expeditions and legend quests. This kind of exploration also made me know many new classmates and formed deep friendship with them. The story itself, to a certain extent, also reminds students not to climb outside the window mischievously to prevent the danger of falling.