The Hotel Del Coronado (Legend)

My informant is Natalie. Natalie is a 19-year-old female student at USC. She is half-Mexican, half-white, speaks fluent Spanish and English and grew up in San Diego.


Natalie: “So in San Diego there’s this really famous hotel called the hotel Del Coronado and it’s really pretty and stuff. I guess there was a murder in one of the rooms awhile ago and supposedly it’s haunted.”

The whole hotel?

Natalie: “Not the whole hotel just that room but I’ve never been to the room or stayed there because I’m from San Diego but I’ve been there and some of the hotel like the lobby feels really old so you get the vibe but then there are newer parts where it’s normal”

Do you think the murdered peoples ghost is there?

Natalie: “I think it’s a woman, and um…I don’t know if it’s the spirit or ghost but I would definitely be afraid to go in that room even though I don’t know which one it is. I have it in my head”

Do you know when you first heard the story?

Natalie: “No I was very little”

Is it a well known legend in San Diego?

Natalie: “Yeah most everyone I know knows about the hotel and being haunted but I don’t know who believes it”

Is this significant to you?

Natalie: “Well it’s pretty cool how my city has a ghost story and yeah I’m a little afraid of it but I won’t ever go in that room so it doesn’t bother me”


This is a legend in San Diego but it lacks a lot of detail. All Natalie really knows is that someone died in the hotel room and now it’s haunted. I think the lack of detail like how they were killed or stories about the haunted room or other information to help paint a full picture takes away from the legend as a whole. To Natalie it is significant and even scares her but that’s because she heard this story at a young age and applies to a familiar place unlike those not from San Diego.


See different version here:

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