The House on Hodgsen Road

“Alright, It’s recording”
“Ok, so when I was a young man we lived in a house. The address was 5900 Hodgsen Rd. (St. Paul, Minnesota). And we were pretty sure from when we moved in that the house was haunted and probably had some kind of spirit or some kind of soul there was something in the house. And we weren’t sure exactly what it was but there were different things that happened that made us think that something was, probably indicating that there was spirit in the house. So, a couple of things that happened to my family members, not necessarily me, but family members. One thing was my sister Debbie, she was home alone one day and she had gone upstairs to take a shower and when she was in the shower she heard something from the wall like a scratching on the wall and she wasn’t sure what it was and the bathroom was right next door to her bedroom, her bedroom was right at the end of the hall and that’s where the bathroom was. So, she took a shower, and she got out of the shower and when she went into her bedroom, she looked in her closet and all of her hangers which were originally spaced throughout the entire closet were now all pushed to one side of the closet. So, of course at this point, she thought that someone was in the house, but, so she freaked out and didn’t know what was going on in the house and got scared and then realized that there was nobody in the house. She was there by herself, still alone, and nobody was in the house, none of us had come home, we’re all out of town. So that was her experience.
Now the experience of my brother was, he was not necessarily the best kid in the family, and he would sleep in the basement because that gave him the opportunity to sneak out, there was a window he could open and he could sneak out at night. So one day he was at the house, and he snuck out in the middle of the night and then he came home, and he went a laid down on the bed that he was sleeping in that was on floor because it was a mattress on the floor it wasn’t anything specific in the basement it was just a place to sleep. So, he snuck back in, laid down and closed his eyes, and it was dark in the basement and the next thing he knew he heard footsteps coming up to him and of course he’s petrified because he’s sure that it is my dad coming to say something to him about why he snuck out and he thought that he was busted for sure and so his heart’s racing and he’s nervous and thinking that he’s going to get busted for sneaking out of the house. So he’s laying in bed and all of the sudden footsteps are approaching him sneaking up on him step by step, step by step, all the way to the side of his bed, and then they stopped, and he keeps his eyes closed pretending like he’s sleeping pretending like he’s been there the whole time and he waits about 20 seconds and he opens his eyes, there’s nobody there. And at that point he thought my dad was down there, but he wasn’t down there, he was no where to be found, all there was was the footsteps with nothing in front of him. Of course at this point he freaked out, much like my sister did, and ran upstairs. I think that was the last time he slept in the basement.
Personally, my only real feeling that there was something wrong in the house was being a young man that always felt like when I was walking down a hall or being in the basement or going up the stairs from the basement there always felt like there was someone behind me, or something behind me. So I, it was kind of an eerie feeling and I spent most of my childhood running down halls quickly and making sure lights were turned on when I was walking down halls because I always felt like there was somebody, somebody behind me. And there never was, I never had any personal experience, just besides and eerie creepy feeling that I was being followed or watched or there was a presence that was there, but there wasn’t anything so…”
“Do you think there was a ghost in your house?”
“Well, from all the indications that we experienced and everyone’s experiences with it, I’d say yes, there was. And I think my parents, spoke with the people that live in the house now at some point and they said that there was some strange occurrences, that they experienced too so…It was an older house, it was built in 1910, it was an old farmhouse, so I’m not sure exactly what the spirit was, but we were pretty sure that there was some kind of a spirit there.”
That was the account of my father, Major Kevin Grant Heinonen. I’d heard this story once or twice before growing up. The setting in which we recorded it in was appropriately strange. A diner in Santa Monica, terribly filthy, rundown, with some of the oldest wait staff I’ve ever encountered, also, apparently the site where one of the scenes in the movie Zodiac was filmed. The atmosphere of the diner was unsettling and it provided a good backdrop.
My father isn’t given over to flights of fancy. As an officer in the Army he really can’t be. The details of the story, the age of the house, the problems the new residents had, and the details about the experiences that my father’s siblings had sell the story for me. I can agree that there is strong evidence of my father’s childhood home being haunted.