The Legend of Resurrection Mary

This is a legend of a woman a long time ago in the early 1900s who was killed by a hit and run driver. She was buried at resurrection cemetery. Soon people would start seeing her in the street by the cemetery. People would almost hit her and sometimes even would hit her but she nothing if they went out. There was also a bar by the cemetery and people have reported meeting a girl there who asked them to drive her home. She would give them directions and they would end up outside of the cemetery and when they turned around to look back at her she was gone. My informant said this story was told often at sleep overs when trying to scare others. Despite this fact the spirit is supposed to be kind as spirits go and does not have a reputation of killing like many other ghost stories.

This legend has typical elements of a ghost story, a gruesome death and encounters with spirits, but it also defies them by not involving some sort of revenge or returning to attack others twist on it. It also is tied to the area as it references a specific graveyard which makes it more real for those in the area.