“The Legend of the Jersey Devil”

by Grace Robinson

“In New Jersey During 2020 I was incredibly bored and depressed with my friends, and there’s this website called ‘Paranormal NJ” which has all these places in New Jersey that apparently are spooky and I went to almost all of them – one of them pertains to the Legend of the Jersey Devil “

She touched on what she’d heard about this creature, having grownup in New Jersey, but she admitted it wasn’t extensive knowledge. She told me that it was a folk legend about a beast closely linked with the Devil. It is apparently known for its number of chilling encounters with those who visit the Pinelands of NJ, appearing demon like and devilish in stature, and dark in nature.

“we were so scared and [my friends and I] ran around in this maze in the Pinelands of NJ and unfortunately we didn’t see it, but we heard other people screaming and saying they saw it or heard it, a lot of people said it’s screams sound like evil giggling.”

Though many people, including my informant, were fearful of this demonic creature, there is still an apparent level of intrigue in spotting the monster. The fear and anxieties regarding this creature haven’t overwhelmed the need to satisfy a curiosity for these hopeful viewers, which reminds me immediately of the legend of Bigfoot or Sasquatch. These legends haven’t been proven, but can’t quite be disproven, therefore they remain as long as it maintains their levels of intrigue and belief.