The Legend of the Mothman

Nationality: American
Primary Language: English
Age: 19
Occupation: Student
Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Performance Date: 03/31/2024


“There is a flying creature named “Mothman,” who shows up right before a disaster of some sort. After people saw him for the first time, a bridge collapsed. People also saw him right before an earthquake, plus other natural disasters like a tsunami and avalanche.


The informant heard the legend of the “Mothman” when he was on a camping trip with his cousins in middle school. While they were camping near his home, within the state he lived in, Mothman was claimed to be a national figure. The informant does not necessarily believe in it, and thinks that people are willing to say/support a lot in the wake of large disasters or trauma. He does however admit to recounting the story to his younger cousins when they had a sleepover a few years later.


The notion of a figure representing bad luck or disaster is similar to an albatross, and holds notoriety and recount-ability because are often willing to believe things tied to disasters. Additionally, it can spread as people “think they see something” and begin to worry and panic about an impending disaster. While Mothman is not tied to an explicit culture, the legend can be widely distilled as a form of “campfire story,” or stories that are told to large audiences. I don’t believe that these stories are told out of true “fear” or belief, but rather told as a way to scare younger/unaware audiences. However, the idea holds enough plausibility since it cannot be easily disproven.