The Molepeople of New York



The subject is a white gender non-conforming individual from Brooklyn, New York. This story shows New Yorkers fascination with the variety of worlds beneath their feet from subways to sewers. It also touches upon the homeless population which they interact it without much thought.



“Oh there’s the molepeople. The molepeople are people who supposedly live in the subway tunnels, or under the subway tunnels? And they make a life for themselves down there, some people hype it up were they’re like “there’s a whole city down there”, but there probably not. There was actually, factually, people living in the Amtrak tunnel between 72nd and 125th?, no… I think so, on Riverside. There were people living in the tunnel there. They did sorta build a community, they had like, because there was construction happening there that got abandoned, so there were like tene-tenements? ish kinda were like construction workers were living, so there was community down there of 100 something people, people were in tents and stuff. And people were like “oh there’s a whole city underneath the subway”, probably isn’t true. It’s just a thing people say like “oh you know the molepeople, the city of people who live under the subwa