The Nazis of La Crescenta

“In La Crescenta there is a legend that goes around students about the area. Many decades ago, La Crescenta used to be a Nazi area, so there are still remnants of that time present throughout La Crescenta. For example, they still have cannons in certain places, like near the elementary school. It’s said that on some days at night, small groups of people will still come out to these areas with Nazi remnants to remember their friends and family who were Nazi.”

This legend, to my informant, was something he experienced himself. He attended the elementary school where the cannon was at, and he and his friends would whisper about possible Nazi gathering. Although something like this is not very exciting or frightening to him now, back when he was a child, rumors like these made his life exciting.

Although I cannot directly relate to this legend, I do understand how it could have been something to make the boring local area a bit more thrilling. I had similar legends about my hometown area that could very well have just been randomly made up by one of my friends that spread. For example, there was a gated, rural area right next to my neighborhood with a lot of sheds and trees, and random farming tools that never seemed to be used or moved. My friends and I used to whisper that this area was used by a cult with strange traditions.