“The next thing you know, you won’t know nothing.”

“The next thing you know, you won’t know nothing.”


“Well I think it just a saying. My dad taught me this saying and you kind of just say it as a joke. You don’t really understand what is happing in life. You don’t know what is going to happen next. You don’t know what the situation, go with the flow kind of thing.”


“Um, most of the time, its just mostly be like remember for instance, if I were just talking about some random problem that I had in my life, and he wouldn’t know what to tell me if it would be boy related, … it kinda of just there to make things more light hearted. Don’t stress the small stuff. Like everything is just going to come around.”



What is your reaction when he would say this proverb?

“A nostalgia thing, just like of makes me feel more sound about things, that is true, just a family thing.”



When did you first hear it?

“First heard about it when I was five or six. Just my dad says it. Dad’s dad, its my grandpas but I learned it from my dad because he passed away”



I agree with the informant that this proverb means that events in life should be taken light heartedly. The future is never clear and as soon as we know it, everything can and will change. I also agree that this is a piece of advice given when other advice is hard to understand. I think it is interesting to note that the informant relates this proverb to nostalgic time with her father.