The NWA Well Haunted by Mother and Child

Tags: Legend, Ghost Story, Northwest Arkansas


In Fayetteville, Arkansas, there’s a plot of land [Drake Airport] that is haunted. A long time ago and during a full moon, a drunk man threw his crying baby down a well on that plot of land [Drake Airport]. His wife jumped into the well after trying to save the baby, but they both died in the well. Apparently you can still hear them both crying during full moons.

Informant Info

Race/Ethnicity: Indian

Age: 22

Occupation: College Student

Residence: Northwest Arkansas, USA

Date of Performance: March 2024

Primary Language: English

Other Language(s): N/A

Relationship: Friend


AH, the informant, was born and raised in Northwest Arkansas (NWA). NWA exists in a region known as the Ozarks.


In class, we read “Ghostly Possession and Real Estate: The Dead in Contemporary Estonian Folklore” by Ülo Valk. In his paper, he brought up the Theory of Ownership; that ghosts and property ownership are linked. The Theory of Ownership states that ownership both involves the exclusive control of one’s own body and the use of that control to “claim” material possessions. In the informant’s recounting of this ghost story, I was reminded of this theory. 

Although the wife and child had no claims to the land that they were killed/died on, they continue to haunt the location. It is a common phenomena when talking about the supernatural that spirits remain in locations where they have no ownership simply because of the lingering anger or sadness that they had; either because of how they died or simply because they died.

I believe that the specific well and time that they haunt are a result of them taking ownership of the situation that they both died in.