The Pre-Game Meal

The informant played football in high school, and he says his Grandma would always cook him a steak and a baked potato a few hours before the game.  It was a game-day ritual for the informant and his Grandma, and he never missed a meal.  The informant saw this meal as “the ultimate comfort food in the family”–the Grandma would also cook him this meal when he was sick.  His Grandma said this was food that would make him well and give him energy.  The informant appreciated these meals, and thought it was good luck to have this good, hearty meal before a game.

I agree with this interpretation.  Having a meal high in protein and carbohydrates makes good sense before a sporting event.  I’d also suggest that the “comfort food” value of the food may have also calmed the informant’s nerves as well before the game, in addition to filling his stomach.