The Red Keyhole

[Told at breakfast]

So, um, this guy is going to stay in a hotel for a night because he’s in town for a business trip.  And, um, so he goes to the cheapest hotel he can find, and he goes to the manager and says, “Hi, I need one room, just give me the cheapest room.”

And the manager says, “Oh, we don’t have any rooms open.”

And he [the guy] is like, “ Really? Surely you have some rooms open.”

And the manager looks really cagey and he’s like, “Well, okay, I guess if—if really, like, ANY room…”

And he [the guy] is like, “Yeah, just give me a freaking room.”

And so the manager’s like, “Okay.” And so he takes him to this, um, to this room, and, uh, and the guy’s like bringing up—lugging up his suitcase and he gets the key in the lock and, like, and it won’t open. Like the door just won’t open. So he’s like pounding on the door and trying to open it and everything, and it won’t open. And so he like looks into the keyhole, because it’s like one of those old-fashioned ones, to see if there’s like anything blocking it or whatever. When he looks in all he sees is read, just like plain red, as if someone is holding up a sheet of red paper to the other side of the keyhole. So he’s like, oh my god, okay, what is happening. So he goes and finds a maid and the maid has like the master key and, um, when he asks, “Hey, this is my room, can you let me in? The key’s not working for some reason,” she looks really, really terrified. So he’s like, whaaaaat’s the problem…

And so the maid tells him that exactly a year ago two people were murdered in that room. Like the guy just like came in and stabbed them to death. And so ever since then there’s been a legend that their spirits haunt this room, right? And so she says the most terrifying part about these spirits is that they have completely red eyes.


Listener’s comments: the ending is a real BAM twist. I like that there was no “ghostly figure,” just red eyes.