The Safety Song

Main Piece:

Video Lyric Transcribe:

“Stop look and listen, before you cross the street

Use your eyes, use your ears, and then use your walking feet.”


The informant is a 19-year-old female from St. Paul, Minnesota who currently lives in Los Angeles, CA and attends the University of Southern California. The informant learnt this song when she attended a Summer Camp around the age of five. The camp was located in Corvallis, Oregon, nearby where she lived at the time, although she does not remember the name of the camp. It was taught as a part of her road safety education, to prevent her young self from walking into the street without proper precautions.


The informant is one of my college roommates, who I asked to relate any folk beliefs or legends she had for the purpose of this project.

My Thoughts:

The “Safety Song” is a perfect example of a little song/jingle made up that one never forgets but never remembers where they heard it for the first time. Like much of folk knowledge, it serves as a warning and attempt to keep kids from dangerous scenarios. It also rhymes in order to be catchier and to resonant with younger children, who is its target audience. I think it is also very indicative of the type of dangers that exist within the community of the informant. Obviously road safety and being cognizant in public areas are very important lessons that children need to be exposed to at young ages.