The shrimp and the current



Primary Language- English

Secondary Language- Spanish

Occupation- Student at LA Cal State

Residence- Los Angeles

Date of Performance- 4/19/16

El camarón que se duermi, se lo lleva la corriente.

Translation- The shrimp that sleeps, gets taken by the current

Anderson learned this proverb from his mother. His mother learned this from Salvador when she was in school with the nuns. It was their way of giving out lessons in ways that the students would remember. Anderson’s mother would also tell him this when he would slack off and get low grades. He remembers it ever since she told him in middle school because it just happened to stick to him. He mostly speaks in english now but always mocks his mom with the proverb to joke around about the times she would tell him it.

This proverb is usually used when someone needs a little lesson. If someone is doing bad in school or in other things, the proverb is used to tell that if they keep slacking off, life is going to keep pushing and dragging them away. It is typically told to kids but can always be used by a passionate and wise mother.

Proverbs like these are funny yet can offer so much insight. It basically means that when a person or shrimp begins to sleep or slack off, the current which means life or problems will sweep you away and take you with it. It teaches the listener that they have to keep working hard in order to keep fighting and pushing through their struggles. Many children that hear proverbs like these usually remember them because they are catchy. Some lessons are learned through experience yet others can be learned with proverbs such as this one.