The Turn Up Burger

Story: A few weeks ago I was on the phone with my mom and she was visiting my older sister in san diego. so they were both on the line. and this is a story my sister told me while i was on the phone.

one night my sister took my mom to the gaslamp quarter which is like this area in downtown san diego with a big nightlife scene and they went to some restaurant for dinner.

now before i tell you what happened let me just preface this by saying that my mom doesn’t ever drink and never really did. she drank a little bit when she was younger but she’s never actually been drunk.

so anyway, at the restaurant I guess she ordered this burger and it came with this special aioli sauce. and a little while after eating the burger my mom started to feel a little dizzy

so they checked what was in that aioli and i guess there was a little bit of tequila in the aioli.

so basically my mom got drunk off of a mayonnaise type sauce on her burger

she could barely walk home

there was probably a teaspoon of that sauce on the burger and my mom got legitimately drunk after eating it.

my sister asked her if it felt like she was drunk and my mom was like, “i have no clue what being drunk feels like”

also my mom is 52

so i just thought that was the cutest and funniest thing


My informant was a 19 year old female student who used to have the same writing class as me the previous semester. I was heading to the dining hall at Parkside when I spotted her outside, studying at one of the tables. We chatted and she told me this story.

I think it’s pretty funny because I never knew that anyone could get drunk off of a burger. Since her sister told this to her, I figured it could be considered folklore since it was passed to her orally and I’m pretty sure there’s some exaggeration to the whole thing so there’s some variation to it. In conclusion, I need to find this burger and try it.