The Woodland Spirit


Short Version: The informant encountered a malevolent woodland spirit. 

Long version: A few years ago, the informant was out wandering in woodlands a little outside of his property. He was wandering around trying to find a place to relieve himself. He found a clearing that seemed private enough and he did his business. As he was leaving the area, he suddenly felt an energy pick him up and drop him on his shoulder. He’s felt shoulder pain ever since. 

Informant’s View

“I’m certain that it was a woodland spirit. You know, I trespassed onto its property, I disrespected it by going pee, and it punished me. Or maybe not punished– it asserted its power over the land. I make sure I don’t go there anymore.”


This story reminds me of traditional warning tales: someone did something wrong, they were punished, and now they never do that thing again. It is even more interesting than a traditional warning tale, however, in that it weaves in elements of magic, too. There was no human force that hurt the informant, but rather a shapeless magical presence, similar to a ghost. Thus, the informant speaks not only of a warning tale, but also of magic folklore.