Three men in Saudi Arabia

My informant told me this funny joke she had heard while we were in her car, “Three men get in trouble while visiting Saudi Arabia, one is white, one is black and one is Arabian. They each are to receive ten lashes, but the guards tell them they each get one request. The white man requests for a pillow to be tied to his back, after a couple lashes the pillow breaks and the man’s flesh is broken. The black man requests for two pillows, after a few lashings the pillows break and the man’s flesh is broken. The guards then grant the Arabian two requests, first the Arabian asks for ten extra lashes, to which the guards respond that he is brave and strong, second the man asks to have the white man tied to his back. ”

This joke could be a way to deal with retribution for what white’s have done to other races to torture and enslave them. Also the guards show a level of nationalistic support by giving the Arabian man two requests. The women who told me this joke is Black and is married to a white man.