Throwing Spoons When Watching The Room

The subject is a white gender non-conforming individual from Brooklyn, New York. The subject is a film student and also queer. They use ‘they’ pronouns. Before talking about this custom we had just discussed another midnight screening movie: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So I asked if there were any other films with which people have customs. I find these midnight screenings fascinating as they are interacting with a piece of authored work but turning it into their own folk customs. While each place does similar things, there is always variety.



“The Room, what’s interesting is there’s no shadow cast, there’s just people who yell at it. Oh you’re supposed to throw spoons, for The Room. Because, have you seen it? Ok so there’s spoons that like, he just has like pictures of spoons all over his house, like framed pictures of spoons. So every time you see a picture of a spoon, you’re supposed to throw spoons at the screen. There’s a point, oh yeah, these two guys go up and toss a football at the point in uh the movie where they go toss a football. Oh, there’s a bit where she orders a pizza, she orders a really complicated pizza and then when it comes in the movie, it’s just cheese. So I think they yell something like uh “hey thats not the pizza you ordered” or something like that.