Topsfield County Fair

“In middle school and high school, I really enjoyed going to the local county fair, Topsfield County fair. The fair is in Mid-October, around Columbus Day, so we’d have the day off from school to go. I enjoyed it, and my friends and I made it a sort of tradition to go to the festival! There were a lot of good food options, a lot of fried food, exhibitions in barns, etc. Also, there was a pumpkin weighing contest, where people, usually farmers, would bring in pumpkins that were outrageously large (weighing hundreds of pounds) and everyone loved to stick around and check out who won!”


I had this conversation with a friend of mine over the phone, through video call, so I was able to record and later transcribe what was said


County fairs or state fairs are quintessentially American, and usually happen sometime in the summer, acting as a perfect ritual to transition from the school year to a relaxing summer, for students. It’s also a way for entertainment and commercial endeavors to be exhibited together (in the forms of merchants, rides, and other forms of amusement) to reach a wide audience! This particular fair is the oldest in the US, being a few hundred years old, standing as a testament to the long history of these events in American culture.