Town Festival

“So every May, um, in the little town where I live there’s something called the Redbud festival.  Um, the Red Bed is a type of, um, supposed to be like, a bush I think, it looks more like a bush, like technically considered a wild flower. But anyways so, they’re really pretty in May, and um you know like in other festivals you have the May Day festival, anyway this is celebrated in May. And, it’s a time when, um, in the community where I live they’re a lot of artists. And every, they come together, I’m not sure if other towns do this, there might be some other type of festivals around, but um, anyways the town comes together and it’s a way for, mostly for the artists to showcase of all their work. 

It definitely showcases the nature of the town. Like, we have a lot of artists, um, so if you come to the Redbud festival then you’ll get a pretty good glimpse of like, what the whole town is like and the type of people who are there. It’s mostly arts and crafts, so not really a lot of music, um, but we do have jazz people. So they’ll come and do like, little improve gigs and things like that. There’s not a lot of structure to it, it’s just kind of relaxed. Um, but yeah just a lot of arts and crafts which itself has a lot of folklore, like different ways of weaving and you know, traditional um, modes of activity um, craftwork.”

The town’s festival is celebrated in on mothers daay in May, in spring. This is the time of year when new life is being created everywhere, from plants to animals. The festival is even appropriately named after a vibrant, red wild flower.  The festival marks a time when the occupants of the town can come together and show off their particular artistic skill.  Spring is a great time to hold a festival; the weather is just beginning to become warm.  Additionallly, the informant states that arts and crafts are most prominant at the festival.  Women, especially mothers, are often associated with such domestic tasks.  The festival is a celebration of everyting associated with spring and motherhood.