Tupac isn’t really dead, he just faked his death to escape the spotlight.

My informant tells me about how he believes that Tupac Shakur did not really get shot in Las Vegas in 1996, but rather faked his own death.  He says that he believes Suge Knight when the former friend of Tupac claims that no murderer was found because there in fact was no murderer.  When I ask my informant why he would do this, he says that it’s a good way to become an instant legend in the recording industry.  This is a big deal to my informant, who is from LA, because Tupac recorded much of the most influential rap music in the mid-90’s when my informant was growing up on the Westside.  Although I find it amusing to entertain the myth that Tupac faked his own death, I have to admit that I am more skeptical about it than my informant.  I believe that, no matter where Tupac may have been hiding for the past sixteen years, somebody would have recognized him and called him out.  On the other hand, I know that Tupac would have the resources to stay pretty well hidden, so maybe it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility?