Twitching eyes

“When I was growing up sometimes my eyes would twitch, I know it’s weird, but anyway my mom would always tell me how if your eyelid for your right eye twitches that means something good is going to happen to you soon or like in the near future, but like if your left eye started twitching it meant that something bad was going to happen to you. I guess in a way it was just some sort of superstitions that my mom picked up or like she learned from her family in China and oh yea she also said she grew up with this.”

Little traditions like these make people see things differently or feel more excited about little stuff and it can just be a fun way to pass on tradition through folklore. There are many forms of folklore that were made in order to explain little actions that our bodies do or things that happen that we cannot control or expect and I read that many of these were created because people liked to feel that they were always in control so being able to explain why these certain actions took place was a good way to make them feel more at ease in many ways.