Umbrellas indoors

You are not supposed to open an umbrella indoors because it will bring you bad luck. I remember my mom would get all freaked out if me or my brothers ever did that because she was very superstitious so she would think we were going to die or something! So then growing up I always had a fear of like opening the umbrella indoors because even though I didn’t really believe it, I was still hesitant cause like you know I grew up with that belief.

After analyzing this story I realize that there are a lot of these superstitions or stories in which parents will create bad luck or bad events in order for the children to obey them. In this case although she did not believe the stories were true she still avoided the umbrella indoors because its the folklore she grew up with and whether one likes it or not, it becomes a part of our everyday lives.  In the same way that each of us have morning rituals that we are unaware of these little superstitions too become a part of our routine that we off-handedly learn to avoid or do in order to get this “good luck” or in order to in the same way avoid this said “bad luck” that comes with it.