Upland High School Ghost

“So there was this kid of a construction worker – an overseer or something.  One day when they were pouring cement, the kid fell into it.  Nobody saw him.  Apparently the kid’s name was Methuselah, and now he haunts the Library.”


According to the informant, the story itself took a backseat to becoming a practical joke played on other students: “Methuselah” became a boogeyman for the students working in the library.  Tricks played on fellow students, like moving books and stealing pencils when they weren’t looking, were then blamed on Methuselah the ghost.  In this case, the story is not truly taken seriously by those at the high school, and is just used as a way to confuse or scare other students, specifically new students who are not familiar with the Methuselah story.

The actual urban legend follows the general narrative formula of ghost stories, and has a similar plot hole: if no one saw the kid falling into the cement, how do they know about it?”