Virus Game

An informant played this game with her friends when she was in the primary school in Japan.

There is no starting point of this game, someone needs to suddenly in order to play.

If a starter physically contacts with another person (any parts of his body is fine), the game starts.

A starter who accidentally touched another gets his/her virus from contacted person, therefore the starter needs to infect others by touching.

If kid’s name whom the starter got virus from is Ken, the starter has to scream “I’ve got Ken’s virus! “. Then the starter needs to touch others. Next, if the starter’s name is Taka, next person shouts “I’ve got Taka’s virus” and passes on the virus to others.

Sometimes, the name of the virus does not change. So if the game starts from Ken’s virus, his name still remains. The game won’t stop until someone got bored or the teacher stops to do so.

Unfortunately, this is used often to tease someone who is not popular in the class in order to humiliate.