Wedding Cakes and Swords


Interviewer: “My question for you would be um…do you have any traditions that happen within your family that are unique to your family?

Informant: “Unique to my family? Yeah…um…so there are three. The first one is fairly new. It’s cutting one’s wedding cake with a sword. And the sword doesn’t really matter I think because it’s really new. But uh….my…I found out about it when my…older cousin did it at her wedding. Uh and they did it because they were looking, her and her fiancé Ethan. Her name is Kay and her husband’s name is Ethan.They were looking through her parents’ wedding photos and they saw that there was a picture of them cutting the cake with a sword! Of course…they thought, ‘that’s weird! What’s happening there?’ Uh…turns out that there was just a sword at the wedding and one of the relatives said ‘Hey wouldn’t it be funny if we cut the sword—we cut the cake with the sword?’ I think the sword was hung on the wall or something um…but it’s just it’s something they did and they got a picture so of course, Ethan jumped on that opportunity and said ‘I…wanna do that’ so sure enough they…they ended up cutting their wedding cake with a sword as well. And…although it’s only happened twice so far I very much plan on cutting my wedding cake with a sword because that sounds awesome and cool.”


There is a tradition starting in the Wierzbicki family of cutting wedding cakes with sword. There are currently two recorded instances of this happening. The informant first heard of this after witnessing her cousin’s wedding. Just seeing this happen has inspired her to do the same in the future when she gets married. I think it’s an interesting tradition and one that I think will be adopted fairly easily.