Weston Women’s Asylum

Informant Information:

Frank Pol is a student at the University of Southern California studying Computer Science. He is from a Venezuelan background, and is originally from Weston, FL before moving to Los Angeles, CA for college.


“There’s this building, like Weston’s not huge  so if there’s a building in Weston someone’s gonna make up a story about it because it’s new and small. There was this big giant gray block essentially a building with a large fence around it. The story people made up was that it used to be a women’s asylum, my friends said they’ve gone and they ran into the police. They said they ran into people who lived there and they just chased them out. When I went, we were getting out of the car to get over another fence and some lights shined on us from a truck driving up to our car so we got back to the car and drove to the left of the fence trying to get back to the road without going back. We did see some people, I mean this sounds bad but we saw people with guns inside the area, so maybe they were cops. We kept driving until the guy behind us went home.”

Q: How long did this story circulate around the school?

“Uhm, there’s always been stories about this building but this one started in my class. So around 4 years.”


From what the informant told me, it sounds like this legend was inspired by the outer appearance of the building, as well as the police officers that occasionally walked around the perimeter. I could not find any prisons/other similar locations when researching the informant’s story, so it looks as though this story is contained in his old school.