Bernie is a very close friend of mine from Mexico. Bernie left Mexico for the first time to study at USC. He loves to talk about his culture, and speaks with a thick Mexican accent.



Performance: “So “wey” is basically a term that you refer to…its like bro or like “man” “buddy” “wey” “guy”…. it’s only to guys you cannot say it to girls. It’s basically a slang word used by young people, you would not see older people…it’s very coloquial. you would not see older people using it. it’s just an easy way, instead of calling somebody by their name you say “wey” “wey come here” “wey do this” “wey.” It’s just a way to start a conversation or refer to a person that is really uh part of the Mexican culture. And it’s how we communicate.”



Response: I’ve taken 5 years of spanish in high-school and college and have never heard of “wey.” It seems to be a term like “dude” but can only be used between two young males who are of Mexican descent. It seems to have wide aplications but Bernie stressed that you would never say it to an older person or to a girl.