White Lighter

Performance: “White Lighter. Ok umm… supposedly Tupac, when he died, he had a white lighter in his pocket. So nowadays, whenever people are smoking…smoking a cigarette, smoking weed, whatever you want to be smoking, crack-fuckit- haha, umm.. if you have a white lighter and you’re using that to smoke whatever you’re smoking it’s supposedly like really bad luck. Especially if you’re young and smoking, if you smoke with a white lighter everybody starts freaking out, and it’s supposedly VERY bad luck to be smoking with a white lighter. Ever since Tupac died with a white lighter in his pocket it’s become a big no-no to do that. It’s just bad luck. Nobody buys white lighters.”

Response: I had heard of this superstition but had never heard it’s origin. My other friend Anthony was in the room while Tanner told the story, and he confirmed that he had heard of the superstition but had never heard the Tupac portion. This is interesting as Tupac was a sort of icon for smoking weed and his death has lingering effects on the traditions and superstitions of those who partake in the activity.