Working out for punishment

Nothing comes to mind. When I read it just one thing about my parents disciplinary choice. Growing up my punishment for things was not spankings or lectures but I would have to lift weights. Since the age of 5. The worse the offense, the more reps. I’m sure you can see how that has influenced me today because I am into fitness. Whenever I feel I do something wrong though, whether it be sin or do poorly in school, i work out to the point that my body feels like I will break, because I suppose that’s what I feel I deserve. Working out to the point where it’s dangerous to my body. I know it’s not the best, but that’s how my family (mainly my dad’s side) discipline children and it’s been in mind growing up. Surprisingly I am not buff and I am pretty sure this may be the reason I’m the only one in my family under 6 feet. So it hasn’t really seemed to benefit me too much physically but hey, I’m not fat either.

It was interesting hearing about this type of traditions within his family because I have heard of different forms of punishment, but this was very original and therefore surprised me a lot. It was also interesting seeing how he kept this kind of folklore as he grew up and used it as conditioning for himself in order to make sure he always tried to do good.