Your past is your future

“If you cannot acknowledge your past, you can’t have a good future”

My informer heard this one from his mother numerous times. She always tells it to him because he keeps forgetting his past mistakes and repeats them over and over. My informer has a bad habit of never trying new things but continues to apply the same methods expecting different results. By failing to acknowledge his past, my informer admits he is unable to create a more balanced lifestyle. He tends to be believe, however, that the past is in the past and the present moment is what matters.

I agree with the informant’s mother’s words of wisdom. I foolishly believed that the past is something I cannot change, therefore I shouldn’t dwell on it. But the past is what brought me to the point where I stand. It is easier to block out past mistakes or failure but without honest reflection, I can’t progress in areas I am weak. I do agree with my informer that the present moment is important and one shouldn’t stress about the past, but like the saying “those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it” couldn’t be anymore true.