A grandfather’s favorite jokes

The informant is 90 years old. He tells jokes all of the time.


1. Two friends are playing golf and one man says, “I can’t wait for my grandchildren to leave”

“Oh. When do they come?”


The informant mentioned that this was a joke his friend once told him while they were playing golf. The irony of a grandparent not enjoying the company of their grandchild is what makes this joke so funny. The informant is a grandparent and so is the man who initially told him the joke which may be why they both find this joke so hysterical – they share a common identity and they can relate to it. They know their being ironic but the joke might not go over so well if one of they say it to their grandchildren.


2. A woman is on her deathbed and she is telling her husband to continue living his life including getting remarried. So she tells her husband that when and if he gets remarried that she wants for him to give his new wife all of her things, including her new golf club.The husband says, “Honey that’s not possible because she is left handed”

The informant has been married for 67 years. I think that the informant likes to tell his wife this joke.   Perhaps he likes to tell this joke because it plays upon something that the informant would never do – leave his wife for another woman.


3. A man is sitting on a bench crying and a cop comes by and asks,

“Hiya Pop, why are you crying”

The man responds, “I have a beautiful young wife, a lot of money—“

The cop interjects “so why are you crying Pop?

Because I forgot where I live”

This joke about alzheimer’s is definitely geared for older generations. It’s protecting a pretty serious issue that many people and families have to deal with as members of their family age – alzheimer’s disease. By making light of this heavy topic, the informant is also making light of his older age.