Allagash River

“What happened… so I’m a camp counselor at a campsite along the Allagash River, its in the Maine forest… so um… its mostly… the campsites are enclosed by streams, and this is the only one that is completely open. So I guess the story is that these two men…they went to sleep in their tents, everything was normal, but then they woke up outside their tents without their clothes. Both of them had memories of going in a UFO off to another universe. The people who found them pulled them aside separately, and their stories were exactly the same. Both their individual stories matched up completely. It’s a weird campsite, just really weird vibes, most people are scared to go there alone. All my campers always freak out.”

Background: The informant told me this story in person; this interview was conducted live. She knows this piece because she works in the area where it happened, and she learned it from the other older camp counselors there. I thought this piece was very interesting and a specific example of the cliché disappearance of people in the woods by mystical creatures. This is interesting to see the after effects and how the little campers freak out whenever they are there and how even people are afraid to go there by themselves, which shows  a certain amount of belief in these stories, so much that people are afraid to trespass alone.