Asifuye Imemnyea – Proverb


Asifuye Imemnyea


He who presses rain has been rained on


“This proverb is also well known in Kenya. Whenever you need to vouch for someone or you are telling a story to make someone look good, if someone tries to tell you you’re wrong you say “Asifuye Imemnyea”. This means that you have pressed the rain or know this person so you have been rained on.”


Asifuye Imemnyea is an interesting proverb in that it is in defense of another person and invokes a strong natural image. To be rained on is to have met someone and experienced their kindness, similar to rain this leaves a mark on someone that can’t be ignored or removed easily. Thus like someone coming in from the rain to tell others about the weather, you are able to show your mark from pressing the rain and proof that you have been rained on and the person you are speaking about is a good person.