Good enough – Proverb


“It’s good enough for who it’s for”


“I learned this proverb from my dad and it seems to have spread throughout our whole family. I know this may seem like a simple ‘good enough’ but we use it anytime someone may be worried about their work. Off the top of my head I remember using it jokingly with our grandpa the other day when I was mowing the lawn for him.”


This proverb has a very small folkgroup being essentially just my family. Despite this, like other proverbs we use it all the time to give a statement social credit. Since the proverb could be considered an oicotype of “it’s good enough” it’s familiar enough that most people are able to understand its meaning. The situations in which the proverb are used are typically humorous or self deprecating as in doing making your bed hastily and then saying “well it’s good enough for who it’s for”.