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“Why Kicking?”

“Ok, so when Captain Cook was discovering the Hawaiian islands, he had a servant carry him from the ship to the shore. And he sat on the servant’s shoulders, and then was carried to shore! And then the servant was like Why kicking? Why kicking? And then Captain Cook continued to kick his legs while… Continue Reading »

Wide Noses

“My mom and her friends always say that if a person has like a wider nose or a fatter nose, that means they…that’s a symbol of wealth.” My informant told me about this Chinese saying she heard from her mother. Previously, I had heard that fat earlobes were a sign of wealth, so I did… Continue Reading »

Birthday Superstitions

“My grandma always says that you shouldn’t celebrate um, your birthday after it’s over because that will bring you bad luck for the year. You’re also supposed to eat um long noodles…or noodles because it symbolizes like…longevity of life.” My informant heard this Chinese superstition from her maternal grandmother. She says she is her grandmother’s… Continue Reading »