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Captain’s Uniform

Background: The informant is speaking about a house he and his family no longer live in. The house in question is in an older area of New Orleans. This is a personal experience from the informant that he remembers due to its significance in his life.  

KD: So, the gentleman that owned the house before us was steamship captain, and my son, for years, had said he had seen the man walking around the house.

Me: Did the man have a tragic passing or any reason to haunt the area?

KD: Well, the man died in the house, but of course we didn’t tell him (our son) that. He would describe him going, “You know. The man in the uniform. T-the the captain’s uniform.”

Me: Was there any other evidence of the ghost besides your son’s sightings?

KD: Oh, the lab would also look down the hall and her ears would perk up and she would seem tense. The rest of my family swears the house is haunted.

Both the informant and myself think this is a really interesting story due to its believability; however, it leaves me personally wishing for more evidence. While intriguing, there are not very many details. I feel this story could go either way in its truth value.

The Death of Wyclef Jean’s Father

RM: So basically Wyclef Jean used to live in my house, and his father died in our garage. 

Me: Oh wow, how’d that happen?

RM: He had actually gotten trapped under his Bentley and passed away. It started to cause problems for us when we decided to move?

Me: What happened?

RM: We had some people come in to do construction, so we could sell the house. They eventually said they wouldn’t work for us anymore because the house was supposedly haunted. 

Me: What made them say that?

RM: Just all the little signs when they were working: the lights kept flickering and they heard noises. They were just convinced there was a ghost, so they refused to keep working.

This is a family story of the informant’s that stuck with him due to its effect on his family’s attempt to sell their house. I think this is a believable story because it shows many of the typical signs associated with paranormal stories. The informant does believe this story is true because of his own eyewitness presence.