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Right eye and Left eye twitch

Allegedly our Moroccan family has this thing passed down in the family where the right eye twitches, it is a good sign, but if our left eye twitches it is a bad sign.

Informant is born in Morocco…

Analysis: My cousin’s had his left eye twitch and freaked out so he chose not to believe in it…Therefore, I think it could lead into paranoia but, personally, it has passed down to me (I am American), and it predicted numerous things. For example my left eye twitched and then I had an argument with my friend. But it has to also follow with a gut instinct because sometimes it twitches and barely anything happens and perhaps thats just a physiological response rather than a response of intuition. It has to be connected to a twinge of intuition. As I am writing this my right eye twitches so it gives me the suspicion that I am correct in this analysis.

Lanzi-ism proverbs

A proverb a calculus BC teacher used to say was “up a creek without a buck to buy a paddle”. Students called these proverbs “Lanzi-isms, because the professor’s last name is Lanzi-Sheaman. If one says “Lanzi-ism” to anyone who took Calc BC at the high school (in San Diego), they would know it’s one of the strange proverbs she used.

Informant from San Diego that took the Calc class

Boston saying – “Wiched Pissah”

People in Boston, particularly those with a strong Boston Accent will say “Wicked Pissah”, which is Wicked Pisser but the Boston Accent doesn’t really pronounce the “r’s” so it becomes Pisa. Basically it just means that something is really awesome. You can say it about a person or a thing. It’s also somewhat of a joke at this point because it’s a cliche Boston Accent thing to say. So it’s ironic to say but also not ironic in another sense.

Informant is from Boston.