Baba Yaga

Informant: The story of Baba Yaga is a rather famous one around the world. My informant said that most people have probably heard of it, which I had as well. Nonetheless my informant told me a small bit about the Baba Yaga story. The story goes of Baba Yaga was an ugly creature that would capture kids who were alone at night, especially ones in the forest and eat them. She would grind them up with a mortar and pastel and then eat them. She also had with her a broom.

Context: my Informant and his sister were told stories from a young age about the Baba Yaga from their father. They would go hiking in various trips around Slavic countries and their father would tell them the story of Baba Yaga when they were camping at night. And then their father would often run off into the woods and hide from my informant to play tricks on him and his sister. My informant remembers fondly of the memories associated with the Baba Yaga.

Analysis: The Baba Yaga story, although my informant said he thinks is Russian in origin and not Serbian like his home country, is one that carries good purpose in his life. It reminds him of his father and the times he and his sister used to spend with him. The Baba Yaga was certainly intended as a story in order to teach kids to be safe at night and to not be alone either.