Informant: The myth of the Karakondula started in the Eastern parts of Serbia. The myth is of a small ugly creature called the Karakondula. The creature would assault and attack men late at night after they came home from the bar. It would primarily seek out men late at night hop on their back and choke them, while also stealing their pocket money. It was a myth because the men from these eastern parts of Serbia were actually really drunk and trying to convince their wives as to why they were home so late. These men were passing out in the roads and coming home late late into the early morning.

Context: I had a short interview with my informant and his sister and they recounted the folklore that they learned from their serbian father. He would tell them these stories. Later in their life the Karakondula became a sort of inside joke with their father.

Analysis: This gave me some more insight not only into my friend’s relationship with his sister and his father but also a bit into the folklore of Serbian culture. The karakondula is a trickster just like many others in folklore all around the world. It was a story completely made up by men to try and trick people so their bad behaviors go unnoticed. In reality these men might actually be the real tricksters here.