Bar Joke

Informant: My informant, L.K., is 19 and was born in New York but raised in Dubrovnik, Croatia from age 5 to 18. L.K. father is working for a tourist agency and part time water polo referee and his mom is a financial manager for a restaurant in Croatia. He has a younger brother and sister with his family being fully Croatian, but has integrated small values from his time in the United States.

Folklore: “There is a black guy, a white guy, and an Asian that all get kidnapped and are being held against their will. The man who kidnapped them tells the three men that he will let them go on the condition that the size of their penis’s put together must me 20 inches or bigger. So the black guy whips it out, and it’s a whopping 13 inches! The white guy decides to go next and pulls his out. It’s a solid 6 inches. The Asian guy pulls his out last and its only one inch. The kidnapper, making good on his promise, lets the three men leave. On the way out the black guy says to the other two men, ‘Man, you guys are just lucky that I have such big dick.’ The white guy then says, ‘No, you guys are just lucky that I have such an average sized dick.’ And then the Asian guy says, ‘No, you guys are just lucky I had an erection.’” L.K. was told this joke from a tour guide when he visited Jamaica over winter break. Similarly, this joke was told in the presence of only men at night after the tour was over. L.K. said they would drink and tell jokes after the end of each day and was a nice way to end a long day.

Analysis: This joke is a classic variation of three guys walk into a bar joke. The joke focuses on the stereotype of the length of penis varies by nationality. Again, I’m fan of guy jokes and this was the best dick joke I think I’ve ever heard.