Baseball Superstition: Haircut

Type: Superstition/Folk Belief

  1. “Apparently it’s good luck to get a haircut before a baseball game. Having a clean haircut and fresh look gives good luck for the game. Helps your chances while batting.”
  2. I obtained this piece of folklore from my older brother, Noah. Noah is three years older than me, and he is incredibly passionate about sports. All throughout his life, Noah played basketball, football, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, but more importantly baseball. My brother played baseball throughout his life, and he had many different teammates and coaches. One of his coaches, who also happened to be a family friend, told him this superstition about getting a haircut before the game. Ever since he heard this he has tried to get a haircut before ever baseball game, but it only happened every so often. He was not consistent with his folk belief but he tried.
  3. In sports, there are a lot of superstitions, and especially in baseball. This piece of folklore circulates around baseball players, although probably non-professional players. Noah does not think that this is believed among professional players but him and his teammates, friends, and peers all knew about this haircut superstition. Every athlete has their own superstitions according to Noah, but this is the only one that he knows of that is considered “universal.” Noah does not play baseball now, and so he does not currently believe in this superstition. Nor does he tell his friends about this superstition anymore, it seems as though it was meant for younger baseball players.
  4. I really do not like this piece of folklore. I am superstitious but I a) believe superstitions are unique to the individual and b) I don’t believe in sports superstitions. I don’t think that the way you look or the clothes you wear can affect your performance, however I do believe in other superstitions, making my beliefs inconsistent.