Bigfoot in the Videogame in GTA: San Andreas



“How can you not know of the Bigfoot myth? I thought GTA: San Andreas was your favorite game growing up? Anyways, the Bigfoot in the game is exactly like the Bigfoot legend in real life. There were rumors that there was Bigfoot in the forest of the game and I remember finding out about it because my friend Jordan told me that he was attacked by one and had to restart a mission.”




I collected this from my older brother, who has been an avid gamer with me since as long as I can remember. When we went abroad to Vancouver, Canada, to study English, we soon found out that GTA: San Andreas was very popular amongst our peers, despite us all being elementary school children and GTA San Andreas being rated as ‘Mature’ due to blood and gore, intense violence, strong language, strong sexual content and use of drugs.

The bigfoot myth has significant to my brother because he says that GTA: San Andreas was a constant topic amongst his friends and they would conduct their own searches for bigfoot within the game when having sleepovers at each other’s houses.




To this day, despite there being searches conducted by thousands of people on the internet, no one has yet to have proven the existence of bigfoot on GTA: San Andreas, just like how nobody has yet to have presented concrete evidence supporting the existence of bigfoot in real life. Although the origin of the rumor cannot be identified, it is interesting to see how real life urban legends can translate into a video game community.

Although the Bigfoot of GTA: San Andreas is not a myth as it does not ponder the before and after of our world, its truth value seems sacred as the bigfoot myth lead to a formation of a community that searches for myths of GTA: San Andreas and tries to confirm them. The GTA myths wiki is available at Despite the game being released in 2004, the excitement around Bigfoot in the game is still alive, as on Youtube, there are people attempting to find Bigfoot or playing with a modified game, still embracing the gaming legend to this day.