Bird Poop is Good Luck

I was at the racetrack and one of our horses was just about to enter this big race. Its name was “El Cielo.” That means “the sky” in Spanish. Anyway… I’d been there for a few races, wasn’t doing too well. Was feeling kind of, you know, beaten down. And I got up to go to the bathroom before this race—I was nervous, it was a big deal. And as I’m leaving our box and walking up to the bathroom, I feel this… SPLAT on my head. I was wearing a hat, but I could feel something drop on me. I didn’t even wanna touch it, I knew what it was immediately. It wasn’t raining…what else drops out from the sky? So I go to the bathroom, look in the mirror, and…. of course. Bird shit. All matted in my hat. My first thought was, “Ah, crap.” Right? Isn’t that what you’d think? Like, this is disgusting, I smell bad, no ones gonna wanna go near me. But the race was about to go off and I still had to pee so I just did my business and went back to the box. And I sat down and everyone looked at me, like, “Jeez, what is this guy doing?” But the horse won. Oh, and I forgot to mention that we were at low odds, we beat out a massive favorite. And then I won the next race I bet. And I ended up having one of the biggest track days of my life. And it was because of the bird poop, I know it.

This story happened to M, and he likes it because it’s funny and no one ever believes that the bird poop was the reason for the good luck. But he researched it online a little while later, and birds pooping on you is considered good luck across many different cultures.

I’ve heard about bird poop being good luck before, but this story is the most legitimate evidence I’ve heard of that actually being true. Essentially, what this is saying is that bird poop is the ultimate blessing in disguise.