Birthday Noodles





Every year on your birthday, you eat a bowl of noodles roughly translated to “longevity noodles”. This is a bowl of noodle soup with two poached eggs on top. The long noodles symbolize living a long life and the round eggs are a play on words in Chinese. Roundness is also taken to mean full, so the eggs symbolize a full and happy life.




My informant grew up in California and has lived her all of her life. However, her grandma, who grew up in China, lives with her family and has imposed some Chinese traditions. One tradition my informant vividly remembers and celebrates to this day is eating noodles on her birthday. The noodles, long like spaghetti, represent living a long, healthy life and the round eggs, in the Chinese language, symbolize living a full and happy life. It is basically a wish of well being for the future and the new age.